New Single-Family Home Foundations in 2022: Geographic Shifts

NAHB analysis of the Survey of Construction (SOC) shows that 70% of all new single-family homes started in 2022 were built on slab foundations, followed by 19% of homes built with a full/partial basement and 10% of homes built with a crawl space. As home building shifts towards the southern geographic divisions, slab adoption rates are growing higher. The share of new homes built on slabs steadily increased from 46% in 2000 to 70% in 2022, while the share of new homes with basements dropped from 36.8% to 19%.

There are large regional differences in foundation types across the nation. Homes in colder areas, where building codes normally require foundations to be built below the frost line, are predominately constructed with full or partial basements. As a result, in the northern divisions, full/partial basement foundations offer additional finished floor areas at a marginal increase of construction cost. The division with the highest share of full/partial basements in new homes is West North Central (74.6%), followed by New England (73.5%), Middle Atlantic (61.2%), and East North Central (52.7%). The average area of finished basement was 1,082 square feet in East North Central, 967 sq. ft. in the West North Central division, 865 sq. ft in New England, and 1,026 sq. ft in the Middle Atlantic. Nationwide, the average finished floor space of basements was 1,102 sq. ft. in 2022.

New homes with slab foundations are most common in the West South Central (96.2%), South Atlantic (81.5%), Pacific (81.2%), and Mountain (50.1%) divisions. Warmer climate makes building on slab more cost-effective, compared to full/partial basements. Slab foundations also need the least amount of maintenance in the long run.


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  1. The geographic shifts in new single-family home foundations in 2022 highlight evolving preferences. For those venturing into construction in these emerging areas, exploring construction loans tailored to regional dynamics becomes essential for a strategic and financially sound homebuilding approach.

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