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Who Claimed the Energy Efficient Improvement Tax Credit?

In 2009, the rules for the tax code section 25C $1,500 energy-efficient improvement tax credit and the uncapped 25D 30% tax credit for home power production equipment tax credit were significantly expanded. The 25C credit is used to improve existing primary residences by installing energy-efficient windows, doors, roofing, and some home property like water heaters. The 25D credit, which rewards homeowners for installing solar panels,… Read More ›

New NAHB Report on Effective Property Tax Rates

Building on previous research examining effective property tax burdens on owner-occupied homes by state and metropolitan areas, NAHB economist Natalia Siniavskaia has published a new paper reporting effective property tax rates by county and census tracts. The research should be useful for prospective homebuyers and businesses in the housing industry interested in comparing effective property tax payments across narrowly defined geographic… Read More ›