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Share of Bedrooms in New Homes in 2021

The Census Bureau’s latest Survey of Construction (SOC) shows modest changes in the share of number of bedrooms for new single-family homes in 2021 compared with the previous year. The current estimates indicate the share of new single-family homes with 2 bedrooms or less is 9.2%, 3 bedrooms, the largest share, had a share of 44.5%, 4 bedrooms make up… Read More ›

Number of Bathrooms in New Homes in 2021

The Census Bureau’s latest Survey of Construction (SOC) shows slight changes in the number of full and half bathrooms for new single-family homes started in 2021 compared to 2020. The current data shows that 3.1% of new single-family homes started had one full bathroom or less, 62.6% had 2 full bathrooms, 27.0% had 3 full bathrooms and 7.3% had 4… Read More ›

Number of Bathrooms in New Homes

The Census Bureau’s latest Survey of Construction (SOC) shows changes in the shares of the number of bathrooms and half-bathrooms of single-family homes started in the United States in 2020. The latest data show that 3% of new single-family homes started had one bathroom or fewer, 65% had 2 bathrooms, 25% had 3 bathrooms, and 7% had 4 bathrooms or… Read More ›

Bathrooms in 2015 New Homes

In its Survey of Construction (SOC), the US Census Bureau publishes data on the number of bathrooms in new homes started. In the last several years, the share of new single-family homes with 3 or more full bathrooms has increased, which may reflect the move by builders to focus on higher-end, larger homes in the post-recession period. However, recent data indicate that this trend… Read More ›

Consumer Confidence Retreated in November

The Conference Board released the Consumer Confidence Index for November, reporting that the index dropped sharply to 90.4 in November, following a moderate decrease in October. Both subcomponents contributed to the decline. The present situation index declined to 108.1 from 114.6 in October; the expectations index slipped to 78.6 from 88.7 in October. Compared to October, in November, the decline… Read More ›

Porches on 90% of New Homes in 4 Southern States

There is a clear geographic pattern to the exterior amenities (porches, patios and decks) included on new homes, according to data from the Survey of Construction (SOC).  Among Census divisions, the highest incidence of one of these amenities occurs in the East South Central (the four southern states of Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee), where 90 percent of the new homes started in… Read More ›

Rates Decline Slightly on Loans to Buy New Homes

Reversing a two-month trend, interest rates on loans for new homes declined slightly in May, according to data released today by the Federal Housing Finance Agency  (FHFA).  The average contract rate on conventional loans for newly built homes dipped 11 basis points to 3.41 percent, the lowest it’s been since February.  Although initial fees and charges on the loans increased from… Read More ›