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NAHB has two online tools for accessing economic and housing statistics for all local home builder associations.

The new NAHB Economics Housing Permit Data Portal allows for easy access of data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s monthly building permits survey. The data available is estimated permit data such as the number of buildings, units and valuation for single-family and multifamily. Multifamily data is broken down into 2 unit, 3-4 unit and 5+ unit buildings. There is additional data available such as population, permits per capita, year-over-year percentage change in year-to-date (YTD) permits and permits per capita ranking. Population estimates are from the Census Bureau’s most recent release.

Users can find data at the MSA, County or Local Association level and can start by using the search box to find specific geographies. Local Association data is calculated by aggregating across the counties that are within the specified association boundaries, users must select the checkbox above the search box to find data at the local association level. The table will update with each additional selection by the user. The chart at the bottom of the page provides an historical visualization of the month’s YTD single-family permits. This chart will also update with each additional geography selected by the user, allowing for historical comparison of areas. There may be limited historical data for some counties and MSAs. The portal also allows users to download the presented table as a CSV file. Click here to begin.

The second data tool allows users to easily compare local area statistics to other associations, state and national figures. In addition to providing members with information on the local market, executive officers may find this tool helpful when responding to requests from local media.

The statistics provided are NAHB tabulations based on an aggregation of county-level data from the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) and 2017 Building Permits Survey. The ACS and Building Permits Survey are conducted by the Census Bureau. The tabulations are based on the latest available data.

Click here to access the data.

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