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Consumer Confidence in March – Better Expectations

The Conference Board reported that in March the Consumer Confidence Index rebounded. The Consumer Confidence Index rose to 96.2 in March, from 94.0 in February. The present situation index in March moderately decreased to 113.6, from 115.0 in February; the expectations index climbed to 84.7 in March, from 79.9 in February. In March, consumers were more optimistic about the short-term… Read More ›

Consumer Confidence Ebbed in February

The Consumer Confidence Index, reported by the Conference Board, ebbed in February. The Consumer Confidence Index declined to 92.2 in February, from 97.9 in January. After a modest increase in January, both the present situation index and the expectations index decreased in February. The present situation index in February decreased to 112.1, from 116.7 in January; the expectations index dropped… Read More ›

Optimistic Consumer Confidence in January

The Conference Board released the Consumer Confidence Index for January 2016. The Consumer Confidence Index rose slightly to 98.1 in January. The present situation index in January was unchanged, remaining at the same level of 116.4 as that in December; the expectations index rose to 85.9 in January from 83.0 in December. In January, consumers’ optimism about the short-term outlook… Read More ›

Consumer Confidence Retreated in November

The Conference Board released the Consumer Confidence Index for November, reporting that the index dropped sharply to 90.4 in November, following a moderate decrease in October. Both subcomponents contributed to the decline. The present situation index declined to 108.1 from 114.6 in October; the expectations index slipped to 78.6 from 88.7 in October. Compared to October, in November, the decline… Read More ›

Consumer Confidence and Economic Cycles

Consumer sentiment and consumer confidence are two indexes showing consumers’ perceptions of current business, income and employment conditions, as well as their expectations for the near future’s economy.   Figure 1 shows both the University of Michigan Index of Consumer Sentiment and the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index are highly inversely correlated with the unemployment rate. High unemployment drives down… Read More ›