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Examining the Spatial Distribution of Rental Housing

With disruption to home construction from the Great Recession and more recently, declining affordability of homeownership, the number of renters in the US has expanded, reaching 109 million in 2017 or 34 percent of the population (up from 89 million and 30 percent in 2007). As renting becomes more common, it is important to examine the types of rental structures… Read More ›

What Do Vacancy Rates Tell Us about the Shortage of Housing?

Vacancy rates are one of the key statistics NAHB Economics tracks to judge the health and direction of the housing market. The currently low homeowner and rental vacancy rates are typically interpreted as a sign of tight housing markets, with lower vacancy rates signaling a greater housing shortage. NAHB’s analysis of the latest 2017 ACS vacancy data highlights the metropolitan… Read More ›

Single-Family Homes Make Up 1/3 of Rental Stock

The 2016 American Community Survey shows that renters occupied 43.8 million residences in 2016. Of these rental homes, 34.8% are one-unit single-family homes (attached and detached), 17.7% are 2- 4 unit structures. Therefore, more than half of all renters, approximately 53%, lived in buildings with less than 5 units in 2016. Single-family homes made up a substantial share of rentals… Read More ›

What Kind of Homes are in the Rental Housing Stock?

While renting a home is often associated exclusively with apartment living, there are many types of homes in the rental housing stock. Renting a home, regardless of structure type, can provide a housing option for individuals and families who are on a budget, saving to purchase a home, or who expect to change locations in the near-term. And while builders… Read More ›

What Kind of Homes are in the Rental Housing Stock?

In recent years, demand for rental properties has increased, leading to declining vacancy rates and increasing rents. Although this increased demand is understood, the structure of the rental market may be less well known. This post examines the stock of rental housing by structure type. According the Census Bureau’s 2011 American Housing Survey (AHS), there were nearly 39 million occupied… Read More ›

Top 2011 Posts: The Rental Housing Stock

With the end of 2011 approaching, we here at NAHB’s Eye on Housing thought we would take a look at the updates that attracted the most readers over the last year. In July we examined the composition of the rental housing stock in the United States. The NAHB analysis of 2009 Census data found that one-third of rental housing consisted of… Read More ›