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Buying Products for Home Building and Remodeling: Who and Where

In a recent article, NAHB asked who is most often responsible for choosing everything from wood products to electrical and plumbing fixtures, finishing materials, siding, windows and doors, and other items that go into a new home or home renovation. Then, the surveys went one step further and asked, regardless of who chooses these products, where are they generally purchased? Perhaps not surprisingly, the… Read More ›

Fed Chairman Bernanke on Mortgage Lending

In prepared comments, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Ben Bernanke, addressed the challenges in housing and mortgage markets. Chairman Bernanke’s comments contained a clear message: tight lending standards that emerged after the housing boom are now holding back the housing market recovery and the economy as a whole. “It seems likely at this point that the pendulum has… Read More ›

Eye on the Economy: Improved Affordability Increases Number of Improving Markets

*Eye on the Economy is an NAHB newsletter that is published every two weeks and takes a larger view of recent economic and housing policy news. The housing industry continues to make slow but sure gains. With a growing labor market and continued household balance sheet repair, household formations are up in 2012, increasing demand for both renter- and owner-occupied… Read More ›

Consumer Credit Outstanding Climbs as Student Loans Continue To Rise

The Federal Reserve Board reported that consumer credit outstanding rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.0% in September to $2.7 trillion. The over-the-month increase in consumer credit outstanding, which excludes real estate secured loans such as mortgages and home equity lines of credit, reflected a 9.2% rise in non-revolving credit outstanding, 0.1 percentage point higher than the growth… Read More ›

Year over Year, Confidence in the 55+ Housing Market Continues to Improve

Once again, builder confidence in the 55+ housing market showed significant improvement, according to NAHB’s 55+ Housing Market Indices (55+ HMIs) for the third quarter of 2012.  The  55+ HMIs and their components are based on survey questions that ask builders if market conditions are good, fair, or poor (high/very high, about average, or low/very low for the questions on traffic). … Read More ›

Sources of Small Business Financing in the Construction Sector

According to recently-published data from the Census Bureau, businesses in the construction sector depend on multiple sources of capital for financing start ups and expansion plans, especially sources that are closely connected to the owner’s (or owners’) assets.  Furthermore, the data show that construction sector business owners tend to work long hours in order to keep their enterprises successful. The… Read More ›