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Consumer Credit Expands

Data released by the Federal Reserve Board shows that the amount of consumer credit outstanding rose over the month of September 2014. According to the release, consumer credit outstanding grew at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.9% ($191.1 billion). Revolving credit outstanding, which is largely made up of credit card debt, increased by 2.0% ($17.3 billion), while non-revolving credit… Read More ›

Consumer Credit Grows

Data released by the Federal Reserve Board indicates that consumer credit outstanding expanded over the month of July. On a seasonally adjusted annual rate basis, total consumer credit, which excludes housing related credit such as mortgages and home equity lines of credit, rose by 10%, $312 billion, over the month. Non-revolving credit outstanding, largely composed of auto loans and student… Read More ›

Quality of Residential Mortgages Expected to Improve in 2013

In its January release, which generally covers the fourth quarter of 2012, the Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey documented answers by senior bank officers on their outlook for loan quality in 2013. On net, which is the difference between the percent of respondents expecting an improvement in loan quality and the share of respondents expecting weaker loan quality, senior bank… Read More ›