Home Offices Remain Popular Among Home Buyers


Few events over the last century have had as profound an impact on the ways we live than the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Premier among them is the heightened relevance of ‘home.’ The health crisis thrust the home into a new level of prominence, expanding its purpose beyond just a functional dwelling to many non-traditional roles such as office, gym, or school.

The latest NAHB study on consumer preferences – What Home Buyers Really Want – reveals that 63% of recent and prospective home buyers want a home office. The share has remained above 60% since 2007. Home offices are particularly popular among buyers paying half a million dollars or more for the home (79%), Millennials (74%), and married couples with children (70%).

In terms of size, the same study found that 77% of the buyers who want a home office are looking for it to be 100 square feet or larger (i.e., at least a 10×10 room).

For a complete article summarizing other important findings, please click here. To understand how these preferences vary across buyers of different generations, income, or racial/ethnic groups, visit NAHB’s bookstore for a copy of the complete study.


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