77% of Remodelers Report A Framing Lumber Shortage


With the recent increases in the price of many residential construction materials, and in particular softwood lumber, NAHB wanted to get a better understanding of how these price increases are impacting remodelers. In the Q3 2020 Remodeling Market Index (RMI), remodelers were asked to report on material shortages, if any, as well as material price changes over the last six months.

Results show that a significant share of remodelers (77 percent) report a framing lumber shortage, with 25 percent reporting a serious shortage and 52 percent reporting some shortage (Figure 1). In recent months the cost of softwood lumber has jumped to extraordinary levels. In fact, the Producer Price Index (PPI) for softwood lumber has nearly doubled over the last five months (90.9 percent increase), the largest increase since 1975 for the seasonally adjusted series. This price increase has undoubtedly impacted lumber’s availability for remodeling projects and for home construction, in general.

Behind framing lumber, at least 60 percent of remodelers report shortages for three other materials: windows and doors (65 percent), plywood (63 percent), and oriented strand board (OSB) (61 percent) – all construction products commonly derived from softwood lumber. At least 17 percent of remodelers report having a serious shortage for all three of these materials.

At least 40 percent of remodelers report shortages for four other materials: millwork (45 percent), plumbing fixtures & fittings (44 percent), trusses (43 percent), and cabinets (41 percent) – three of which involve lumber. Very small shares of remodelers report shortages on clay brick (10 percent), concrete brick and block (11 percent), steel (lightweight for framing) (12 percent), and structural insulated panels (SIP) (another 12 percent). It is important to also note that 34 percent of remodelers report that they are experiencing shortages for ‘other’ materials not listed. Many reported appliances as the ‘other’ material.

Remodelers were also asked to specify how much total material costs have changed over the last six months for a typical project. Results show that 25 percent of remodelers report cost increases of 20 percent or more (Figure 2).

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  1. Dumb trade war with Canada will do that, not to get political or anything, but it’s political!

  2. Its tough times out there. Hopefully the supply side will catch up as soon as Covid vaccine is produced.

    G-D bless everyone.. all the best. We must all weather the storm. Good luck all.

  3. What areas of the country are experiencing shortages of wood trusses?

    • Hi Bo, our analysis shows that remodelers in all regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West) are experiencing shortages of trusses.

    • Bo, where are you? Are you not? We’re pretty much caught up on lumber here in Texas but prices are much higher. We are currently having a tough time getting appliances though.

  4. CA’s mandatory CalGreen, where certain percentages of demo’d and new building materials are required to be re-purposed or recycled, is not sounding so ridiculous.
    Get that demo crew to slow down and save some of that lumber?

  5. windows and doors for sure!
    i had a warranty claim and haven’t been able to even get a call back from the company.

    its been 4 weeks and is beyond ridiculous at this point.

    i know both those items are in short supply, because i went to 3 local window suppliers to see if i could just get them repalced with another brand and they all stated 8-10 weeks for windows and patio doors.

    used to be like 4-6 weeks.

    seeing how the manf. can’t even reply via email or phone tells me 2-3 months on windows and patio doors is not out of the realm.


  6. Florida Windows update. PGT Wingaurd Series impact rated for category 5 hurricane windows are now 40 weeks. Sliding Glass Doors 24-26 weeks. IF your order comes in complete! Simonton Storm Breaker Plus Series impact rated for category 5 hurricane windows and Sliding Glass Doors 14-20 weeks.

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