Framing Methods for Single-Family Homes: 2018


Wood framing remains the most dominant construction method for single-family homes in the U.S., according to NAHB analysis of Census Bureau data. For 2018 completions, 93% of new homes were wood-framed. Another 7% were concrete homes, and less than half a percent were steel-framed. These shares have remained fairly stable over the last five years.

In absolute terms, 778,000 single-family homes were completed in 2018 and had wood frames. Concrete homes totaled 59,000 in 2018.  This was down from 62,000 in 2017, but represented a 311% gain from the 2011 total of 19,000. Steel-framed homes totaled 3,000 in 2018.

Non-wood based framing methods are primarily concentrated in the South due to resiliency requirements. For 2018, 98% of concrete framed homes were built in the South. Approximately two-thirds of steel framed homes built in 2018 were located in the South, with another one-third in the West.

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  1. Indeed wood framing homes are one of the best way to build a single family home. That is the reason everyone is still loving this procedure more as compare to any other.

  2. Like to see cost comparisons between standard stick framing methods and CLT/Mass timber construction for single family housing. Does anyone have any data ion that?

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