Energy-Efficient Appliances


A key driver of the amount of energy a home uses is the energy-efficiency of the appliances installed in the home. And newly built homes are more likely to contain Energy Star rated appliances.

The amount of energy a home uses is determined by multiple factors, including the quality/efficiency of the structure and the kinds and usage of the appliances that are part of the home.

Data from the Census Bureau’s 2011 American Housing Survey (AHS) reveal the share of owner-occupied homes that contain various Energy Star related appliances.

Energy Star Appliances in Homes

According to the AHS, refrigerators are the most common Energy Star appliance in owner-occupied homes at 42%. Energy-efficient refrigerators are even more common in newly built homes (homes no more than four years old) with a 70% market share.

Across almost all appliance types, newly built homes were more likely to possess Energy Star appliances.  The only significant exception was room-based air conditioning (with 9% of all owner-occupied homes compared to 2% of new construction). New homes are much more likely to possess central air conditioning.

For new homes, the leading shares of Energy Star rated appliances were refrigerators (70%), washing machines (69%), dishwashers (65%), and central air conditioning (52%).


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