Who Are NAHB’s Associate Members?


Every year NAHB conducts a member census in order to better understand the composition and characteristics of the people who belong to its organization.  In 2012, two-thirds of NAHB’s members were associate members—those indirectly involved in home building.  The remaining third were builder members—those directly involved in home building.  Last month we gave readers an in-depth look at NAHB’s builder members, and this month we are going to focus on associate members.

Of the 83,141 associate members, 40 percent are primarily subcontractor/specialty trade contractors, 13 percent have a professional specialty, 10 percent are retail dealerships or distributorships, 9 percent perform financial services, 5 percent are wholesale dealerships or distributorships, and 21 percent have some other type of primary activity.

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NAHB’s associate members work at companies with, on average, 54.4 employees. About half, 53 percent, of associate members reported working at companies with less than 10 employees.

Compared to the prior two years, NAHB associate members had a good year in 2012.  Over half, 52 percent, of associate members reported that their company had a dollar volume of $1 million or over.  The median dollar revenue increased from $1,176, 762 in 2010 and $1,069,386 in 2011 to $1,277,805 in 2012.

NAHB associate members have a median age of 54, and have been a member for, on average, 11 years.  Compared to builder members, significantly more associate members are female—18 percent of associate members, compared to only 7 percent of builder members.  About half, 51 percent, of associate members have at least a college degree.

For more details about NAHB associate members and a profile of each type of member, please visit housingeconomics.com or click here for the full article.

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