New Ways to Read Eye on Housing


We’ve made some changes recently to Eye on Housing that will expand our readership. These are the first of a set of changes that will be rolled out over the coming months.

First, you can find us at our old address ( or our new address (

Old bookmarks will continue to work, although we will be promoting the new address from now on. Subscriptions, real-time feeds and links will also continue to work. We are just mirroring the site with a new address.

We also encourage our readers to follow our updates via a number of Twitter accounts:

All Eye on Housing posts are published at:


Our research can also be found on NAHB’s main twitter account:


And you can follow NAHB economist Robert Dietz at:


Thank you for reading, posing questions, and helping us to grow this forum. We’re three years in and are averaging thousands of housing community readers daily.

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