Producer Prices in July – Flat Prices Overall, Wood Products Prices Extend Their Descent


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Producer Price Indexes (PPI) for July. Producer prices for finished goods were flat in July after rising 0.8% in June and 0.5% in May. Excluding food and energy, the core index continued its recent stability rising 0.1%. A 0.2% monthly decline in energy prices and flat food prices held the headline index flat despite the 0.1% increase in core prices.

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PPIs for softwood lumber and OSB continued the descent that began earlier this year. Softwood lumber prices declined 2.3% from June to July, extending the decline from the recent April peak to 16.6%. However, softwood lumber prices are still 9.9% above prices from one year ago before the sharp run-up in late 2012 and early 2013.

OSB prices declined 12.2% in July, extending the decline from the March peak to 28.4%. OSB prices remain 48.8% above prices prior to the housing recovery that began in 2012.

Weekly indicators show wood prices rebounding somewhat in recent weeks, but the sharp declines remain largely intact. These declines are based on significant increases in productive capacity in the lumber and OSB industries which are likely to be added to rather than subtracted from as the housing recovery continues.

The PPI for gypsum dropped slightly in June and July. There have been some plant re-openings and reconfigurations in the industry but it remains to be seen whether recent declines are the beginning of a normalization of gypsum prices. Gypsum prices remain 37.3% above housing bust lows and 98.2% of housing boom peaks.

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