A Nation of Builders


NAHB Chairman Rick Judson will be testifying on June 4 on the state of the residential construction sector before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. His statement highlights the state of the housing industry, its importance for economic growth, and fiscal and policy challenges the sector faces.

As part of that analysis, NAHB used data from the recently released 2011 Census Survey of County Business Patterns to map the location of employees of home building and remodeling firms. The data represent a snapshot of just a portion of the home building industry, as they do not include residential trade contractors. Recent BLS data indicates that of 2.132 million total home building employment,  586,000 are builders and 1.545 million residential specialty trade contractors.

Nonetheless, the mapping of the data illustrates the geographic reach of the industry, which can be found in every part of the nation. In general, the count of builders and remodelers matches the distribution of the population as a whole, with certain growth areas showing relatively greater concentration of industry employment.

Builder employment map

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