NAHB’s Spring 2012 Construction Forecast Webinar


Sign up for NAHB’s April 25, 2012 Construction Forecast Webinar and join the conversation about the housing market. 

David Crowe, NAHB Chief Economist

Chris Varvares, President, Macroeconomic Advisers

Robert Denk, NAHB Assistant Vice President for Forecasting and Analysis

Listen to the experts. Ask your questions.


NAHB Wells Fargo Housing Market Index is up 14 points over the past six months.

GDP is growing and employment is gaining.

The NAHB First American Improving Market Index is up five consecutive months.

The NAHB Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity (Affordability) Index remains high.

What happens from here?

NAHB’s Construction Forecast Webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 from 2pm -4pm Eastern.



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