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Prices of Building Materials Decline

Prices received for four key building materials (prior to sales to consumers)—softwood lumber, OSB, gypsum products, and ready-mix concrete—all fell in October according to the latest Producer Price Index (PPI) release by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. OSB prices declined 0.5% in October, ending a 7-month trend that had made the commodity the most expensive it had been in over… Read More ›

15% Tariff on Canadian Lumber Would Cost 4,666 U.S. Jobs

Recent NAHB estimates show that a 15% tariff on softwood lumber imported from Canada would have resulted in a loss of had it been applied to all Canadian producers in 2014.  NAHB analyzed 15%, because that was the maximum tariff in the Softwood Lumber Agreement that expired last year.  NAHB analyzed 2014, because that was a recent year with complete data, seemed representative… Read More ›