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A Look Back: 2013 Apartment Market Absorption

Annual data from HUD’s Survey of Market Absorption of New Multifamily Units provide details concerning the types of apartments completed and the speed of rental absorption after construction. In particular, the current edition of the annual report finds that for units completed during 2013, 12-month absorption rates were 94% or higher across building types. The annual report provides details for units located in properties… Read More ›

Construction Job Openings Steady, Hiring Slowing

The count of construction job openings held steady in July, as hiring in the home building sector slowed. According to the BLS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) and NAHB analysis, the number of open construction sector jobs (on a seasonally adjusted basis) remained constant at 137,000 for July. This is somewhat lower than the cycle high of 168,000 set during March…. Read More ›

July Gains for Residential Construction Spending

NAHB analysis of Census Construction Spending data shows that total private residential construction spending for July continued to increase, rising to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $387 billion. On a month-over-month basis, private single-family spending was $218 billion, up by 2.1% over the revised June estimate. Private multifamily spending declined to $52 billion, down by 2.2%, after three months… Read More ›

How Long Does It Take to Build an Apartment Building?

The average length of time to complete construction of a multifamily building, after obtaining authorization, was 11.7 months according to the 2014 Survey of Construction (SOC) from the Census Bureau. The permit-to-completion time increased by approximately one month from 2013 to 2014, as per unit median square footage and the share of multifamily buildings with 20+ units rose. The average… Read More ›

New Multifamily Unit Size Dips

An elevated market share for rental multifamily homes is holding typical new apartment size below levels seen during the housing boom. However, as multifamily developers build more for-sale housing units in the years ahead, the average size of multifamily homes is likely to rise. The recent pattern of change in the size of new multifamily units stands in contrast to the post-recession increase in the size of… Read More ›

Slow Rise in Consumer Prices in July

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported consumer prices increased in July. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.6%, slower than 3.9% in June. Excluding the volatile food and energy components, the “core” CPI rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.6% in July. Energy prices were stabilized and rose at a… Read More ›

Builders Continue to Build

July housing starts moved sideways, but the split between single-family and multifamily showed much greater change. Single-family housing starts increased almost 13 percent from June and topped the highest annualized rate since January 2008 when home buyer credits were available. Removing some of the monthly aberrations, the three-month moving average has been steadily increasing since the trough in 2011. Multifamily… Read More ›

Construction Job Openings Remain High as Hiring Slows

The count of construction job openings fell somewhat in June, albeit from an upwardly revised estimate for the month of May. Post-revision, the May count of unfilled construction positions was second only to the month of March. The number of unfilled jobs in construction remains high, even as hiring slowed for the residential construction sector in recent months. According to the… Read More ›