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Eye on the Economy: Focus on Labor Markets

NAHB surveys of the residential construction industry reveal that the cost and availability of workers will be the top business challenge of 2016, as it was last year. And new labor market data are consistent with these results. According to the NAHB survey, 76% of builders expect labor cost and availability to be a problem in 2016. This concern over labor… Read More ›

Count of Unfilled Construction Jobs Jumps

The count of unfilled jobs in the overall construction sector increased significantly in December, even as hiring in the home building sector has grown. According to the BLS Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) and NAHB analysis, the number of open construction sector jobs (on a seasonally adjusted basis) increased to 207,000 in December from 138,000 in November. The December estimate solidly beats the previous… Read More ›

Consumer Credit Expands in 2015

Consumer credit outstanding grew on a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 7.2% over the month of December and by 5.8% over the fourth quarter of 2015. Over the year of 2015, consumer credit outstanding expanded by 6.9%. There is now $3.55 trillion in outstanding consumer credit. Growth in the outstanding amount of consumer credit over the year partly reflected an… Read More ›

Labor is Top Challenge for Builders

Topping the list of problems builders faced in 2015 and expect to face in 2016 is the Cost/Availability of Labor, an issue for 76% of builders who expect it to increase in 2016 and which has increased in importance the past three years. In 2013, 53% of builders rated labor as a significant problem, followed by 61% in 2014 and… Read More ›

The Employment Situation in January – A Cold Wind?

A soft jobs report: a bad month or a cold wind in the face of economic recovery? The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported payroll employment expanded by 151 thousand in January (from the survey of payrolls at establishments), an unexpected slowdown from prior months. Results from the household survey were more encouraging, showing the unemployment rate ticking down to… Read More ›

In Every State, Over 1/3 of Households are 55+

In a recent study, NAHB used newly released American Community Survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau to show that, in the U.S. as a whole, there are a little over 48 million households headed by someone age 55 or older, accounting for roughly 42 percent of all U.S. households. Although the percentage is different in different states, the variation… Read More ›

AD&C Credit Standards Tighten, Even as Outstanding Loan Amounts Rise

Credit standards on loan applications for construction and land development loans or credit lines tightened, on net, over the fourth quarter of 2015. According to the most recent iteration of the Federal Reserve Board’s Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey, a net share of 12.7% said that lending standards at their respective commercial bank tightened. The net share represents the difference between… Read More ›

Savings Rate Trending Up

Total personal income increased to $15,648 billion, up by 0.3% in December 2015 on a month-over-month basis according to the most current data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Personal income growth in 2015 remained strong, with the highest increase (0.64%) in April following a weak or nearly 0% increase in March. Disposable personal income – income remaining after deducting… Read More ›

Features Most Likely to Show up in Typical Single-family Home in 2016

Successful businesses stay on top of what their competitors are doing. For home builders, this involves knowing what features other builders are putting in their new homes.  In December 2015, a nationwide survey asked builders about the likelihood that a number of features would be included in the typical single-family home they will build in 2016. Using a scale from… Read More ›

Construction Spending Rises in December

NAHB analysis of Census construction spending data shows that total private residential construction spending for December increased to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $430 billion. On a month-over-month basis, private single-family spending was $231 billion, up by 1% over the revised November estimate. Private multifamily spending also increased to $53 billion, up by 2.66%. Over the same period, private… Read More ›