Wages in Home Building and Remodeling

Wages for most jobs in home building and remodeling typically exceed the median wage in the U.S., according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey.

In a previous analysis, we examined the kinds of jobs that exist in the residential construction sector.

Using the same 2012 BLS data, it is possible to track wages of employees in the industry (click the chart below for a more detailed view).  It should be noted that typical wages will vary greatly from area to area, so the following data are national medians – wages in your area may differ.

median wages_res construction_2012

The U.S. median annual wage in 2012 was $34,750. The chart above plots the medians for various occupations in the home building and remodeling sector (the single item above with no value did not have sufficient data). The OES survey defines employment as the number of workers who can be classified as full- or part-time employees. The following profile examines the Residential Building Construction industry group, which includes builders of for-sale and owner/contractor built single-family and multifamily housing, as well as residential remodelers.

The wage data presented in this post are for occupations within the home building and remodeling sector, as opposed to data for these occupations across all sectors of the economy. Annual wages are calculated, by the BLS, as the hourly wage paid on a 2,080 hour annual basis. Wages are measured on a gross pay basis, but certain bonuses and employer paid benefits are excluded.

The occupation with the highest wage in the industry is the legal profession, which has a median income of just a little more than $99,000. Managers, who constitute 9% of industry employment, had a median income of approximately $79,000 in 2012. Occupations with median wages in excess of the U.S. median represent approximately 80% of total employees.

median wages_construction occupation jobs_2012

Within the largest subsection of the industry (construction and extraction occupations – 64% of industry employment), a majority of the occupations again have median annual wages in excess of the U.S. median. The highest wage for this subsection is for construction supervisors, with an annual median wage of $56,500.

Carpenters, who make up the largest group (47% of the construction occupations and 30% of industry employment), had a median annual wage of $38,140 in 2012.  This is 10% higher than the U.S. median annual wage.

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