Case-Shiller and FHFA House Price Indexes – 2012 Closes With Solid Gains

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) and S&P/Case-Shiller (CS) released home price indexes for the end of 2012 today. The monthly FHFA national indexes were up 0.6% for the month (December over November, seasonally adjusted), 1.4% for the quarter (average fourth quarter months over average third quarter months, seasonally adjusted) and 5.9% for the year (December 2012 over December 2011, non-seasonally adjusted). The quarterly CS national indexes were up 2.0% for the quarter (fourth quarter over third quarter, seasonally adjusted) and 7.3% for the year (fourth quarter 2012 over fourth quarter 2011, non-seasonally adjusted).

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These gains were broadly distributed around the US. The FHFA indexes for all 9 Census divisions were up on a year over year basis and 7 of 9 were ahead for the month. The CS indexes showed all 20 cities in the composite index up for the month and only New York down slightly on a year over year basis. Both FHFA and CS show all regional markets safely above their cyclical troughs.

After a long challenging period this is an impressive end to 2012 for house prices. We expect 2013 to be a continuation of the gains made in 2012 with further improvement in the overall housing sector.

For full histories of the 20 markets included in the Case-Shiller composite, click here cs.

For full histories of the FHFA US and 9 Census regions, click here fhfa9.

For full histories of the FHFA 50 state level house price indexes, click here fhfa50.

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    In metro Atlanta, we are seeing solid gains as well, mostly due to a very low inventory of homes on the open market.

  2. Low inventories in Oregon, as well as very low lot/land supply, mean those pent-up demand people should jump in…which they seem to be doing.


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