Buying Products for Home Building and Remodeling: Who and Where

In a recent article, NAHB asked who is most often responsible for choosing everything from wood products to electrical and plumbing fixtures, finishing materials, siding, windows and doors, and other items that go into a new home or home renovation. Then, the surveys went one step further and asked, regardless of who chooses these products, where are they generally purchased?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the results show that builders and remodelers themselves have the greatest influence on product selection. The main exceptions to this rule are products like appliances, flooring, lighting, countertops and cabinets, which are often chosen directly by the consumer, particularly in remodeling projects. Meanwhile, products chosen most often by subcontractors are limited to electrical and HVAC equipment and ducts.



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  1. Those figures make sense, as most of the time the customer has no idea where most things are coming from and pretty much don’t care as long as everything looks nice and, if they want energy efficiency, those items are guaranteed. I’m actually surprised the customer input is so high in the first graphic.

  2. Great work done by NAHB. As most of the remodeling industries are keenly looking for product selection, it is an useful for them to home renovations.

  3. I’ve been following NAHB and i am always inspired by the work done by them. i hope that the quality of your work will remain same even after decades.


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