Windows, Insulation Top List of Energy-Efficient Products Used by Remodelers

NAHB’s quarterly survey of remodelers recently included the following special question:

Indicate which of the following energy related savings materials and products you commonly installed in your remodeling projects during the past 3 months (Check all that apply).

The items checked by remodelers most often are shown below.  The top four all involved windows or insulation.  At the very top, almost 80 percent of NAHB’s remodelers said they commonly used low-e windows.

Rounding out the list were on demand water heaters (commonly used by 29% of remodelers), UV coated windows (26%), thermal barrier (23%), insulated foundation (22%), high efficiency sealed combustion gas/wood fireplace with outside area (13%), space heaters/air conditioning (7%), and energy management system (3%).

These results are based on 559 responses to NAHB’s 4th Quarter 2011 Remodeling Market Index (RMI) survey.

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